Oct 12-14, 2022
Shenzhen World Convention & Exhibition Center

About the Show


VENUE: Shenzhen World Convention & Exhibition Center

DATE: Oct 12-14, 2022

FILM & TAPE EXPO is a professional trade show focused on showcasing a comprehensive line-up of functional film and tape products and associated equipment to the high value-added application sectors. Over the past 15 years of development, we have built up a huge database of 200,000 high quality industry buyers. In our upcoming annual gala in 2022, we will expect to welcome an influx of approximately 40,000 domestic and overseas technical R&D personnel, professional buyers, and corporate executives visiting our onsite venue, in addition, an even larger contingent of industry professionals will be visiting our second cyber expo space. They come from such sectors and fields as die-cutting, touchscreen/ display panel, cell phone/ tablet, backlight module, FPC, household electrical appliance, auto accessory, medtronics and beauty-care, photovoltaic/ energy storage and so forth. With the benefits of our exclusive TAP Buyer scheme introduced by RX, back-to-back business matching and comprehensive brand promotion services are available to help exhibitors to rollout new products, build up brand image, expand customer base, clinch business deals, as well as serving as a face-to-face interaction and business platform.

Exhibit Profile 

Functional Film Manufacturer

BOPET/BOPP/OPP/PET Film, Optical Film, Protective Film, Release Film, Release Paper, OCA Optical Adhesive, PET Hardened Film, Polyimide Film, Quantum Dot Film, OLED Film, Vehicle Film, Polarizing Film, Film of Lithium Battery and New Energy, Window Film, Packaging Film,Water Treating Films, Decorating Film, Laser Film, Aluminized Film, Precoated Film, Printing Composite Film, Antibacterial Film, Graphene Film, etc

Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

Film based, Paper based, Cloth based, Foil based, Foam cotton based and Composite Material based Adhesive Tape, Foam Tape, Double-Sided Tape, Polyimide Tape, Teflon Tape, PVC Tape, Heat Resistant Tape, Butyl Rubber Tape, Insulated Rubber Tape, Office Stationery Tape, Medical Tape, Packing Tape, Electronics Tape, Automotive Wiring Harness Tape, Biodegradable Tape, Fiber Tape, etc

Die Cutting Materials Manufacturer

Shielding/Insulation/Thermal/Electric/Dustproof/Shockproof Material; Foam/Rubber/Metal Foil (Copper, Aluminum) Materials; Heat Conduction Interface Material, Conductive Adhesive, Absorbing Material, AB Adhesive, Light Guide Plate, Black and White Adhesive, Mesh Cloth, Graphite Radiator, etc

Chemical Materials

Plastic Masterbatches, High Holymer Material, Organosilicone, Fluorine and Silicone Material, Hot Melt Adhesives, Additives, Mold Release, Polyurethane, Silica Gel, Ethoxyline, Antifoaming Agent, Inks, Coating Products, Additives and other Raw and Auxiliary Material

Production Equipment and Accessories Manufacturer

Precision Coating Equipment, Coating Head, Die Cutting Machine, Rewinding Machine, Drawing Machine, Bonding Machine, Dividing and Cutting Machine,Slitting Machine, UV Curing Drying, Rubber Roll for Coating Machine, Filter Unit, Corona Treatment, Correction System, Defect Detection, Side Thickness Measuring Instrument, Gravure Printing Machine, Clutch, Mold, Roller, Blade, Mold Press, Automatic Cutting Table, Slicer, Screen Printing Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Surface Treatment Equipment, Fust-free Workshop, Protection System, Cleaning Equipment, Waste Gas Treatment, Factory Treatment Upgrade, etc


Rx Kuozhan is a joint venture company between RX and Kuozhan Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Limited incorporated in 2015 as one of our nine most outstanding subsidiaries in China. The company has been staging a number of annual trade shows in Shenzhen, including the widely popular C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN, COMMERCIAL DISPLAY, FILM & TAPE EXPO, ICE China, and IATE. In addition to presenting these exhibitions as one-stop specialised procurement platforms for industry professionals, over twenty other summit forum activities are also concu rently presented. These are organised with individual themes oriented toward introducing cutting-edge products and technology solutions to professional audience from home and abroad in fields covering touchscreen and display panel, consumer electronics, commercial display, automotive electronics, pharmaceuticals and domestic chemical products, smart home, industry control, printing and packaging, labelling and so forth. We are dedicated to proactively promoting burgeoning development for the smart touch and new display industry in China and the rest of the world