Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center
Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

About the Show

Basic Information about the Exhibition


Nov.6th-8th, 2024

Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

FILM & TAPE EXPO will be held from Nov.6th-8th, 2024 , at Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Centre (Baoan New Hall), as the leading exhibition in the field of film, tape and die-cutting. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Flexible Web Processing Technology Exhibition,CTOUCH&DISPLAY SHENZHEN, COMMERCIAL DISPLAY and NEPCON ASIA Asia, the Asian Electronics Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition. With an unprecedented scale of over 100,000 square metres, the show is expected to attract 160,000 quality industry buyers.

The exhibition will focus on functional films, adhesive products, chemical raw materials, secondary processing equipment and related accessories for high value-added application industries, making it the best platform for companies to bring their products to market in the most cost-effective and efficient way. You will meet technical, R&D and purchasing decision makers from touch screen, display panel, mobile phone original manufacturer, die-cutting processing, packaging and printing, labeling, automotive, home appliance, medical, lithium battery, electronic circuit board, construction and home decoration, labeling and other fields, covering a broader scope and enhancing the efficiency of business expansion and brand promotion in all aspects. The exhibition will feature an Innovation Zone and more than 50 summit forums at the same time, focusing on new technologies in the industry. In addition, the show will continue to offer the TAP VIP Buyer Programme, online and offline marketing solutions, media interviews, business dinners and other creative activities to provide one-stop insight into the cutting-edge industry dynamics and development trends and grasp industry business opportunities.

Scope of the Exhibits

Chemical Raw Materials

Plastic masterbatches, polymers, silicones, fluorosilicones, hot-melt adhesives, adhesives, release agents, polyurethane, silicone, epoxy resins, defoamers, inks, coatings, auxiliaries, and other raw and auxiliary materials

Functional Films

BOPET/BOPP/OPP/PET film, optical film, protective film, release film, release paper, OCA optical adhesive, hardening film, polyimide film, quantum dot film, OLED film, car clothing film, polarizing film, new energy/lithium film, energy saving window film, packaging film, water treatment film, decorative film, laser film, aluminized film, pre-painted film, printing compound film, anti-bacterial film, graphene film, etc.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes for various films, paper, cloth, foam, metal foil, composite materials, foam tapes, double-sided tapes, polyimide tapes, Teflon tapes, PVC tapes, high temperature tapes, butyl tapes, insulation tapes, stationery tapes, medical tapes, packaging tapes, electrical tapes, automotive harness tapes, biodegradable tapes, fiber tapes, etc.

Die-cut Materials

Shielding/insulation/thermal/electrical/dust/vibration resistant materials; foam/rubber/metal foil (copper, aluminium) materials; thermally conductive interface materials, conductive adhesives, wave absorbing materials, AB glue, light guide, black and white adhesive, mesh, heat dissipation graphite sheet

Production Equipment and Accessories

Precision coating equipment, coating heads, die-cutting machines, rewinding machines, stretching machines, laminating machines, slitting machines, slitting machines, UV curing and drying, coating rollers, filtering devices, corona treatment, correction systems, defect detection, measuring side thickness meters, gravure printing machines, clutches, moulds, rollers, blades, moulding machines, automatic cutting tables, slicing machines, screen printing machines, wire drawing machines, surface treatment equipment, clean rooms, cleaning systems, exhaust gas, and other equipment. protection systems, cleaning equipment, exhaust gas treatment, plant treatment upgrades, etc.

Featured Exhibition Area

New Energy Photovoltaic Film Exhibition Area

New Energy Lithium Battery Film Exhibition Area

ICE Europe Exhibition Area

Japan-South Korea International Exhibition Group

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RX Kuozhan is a joint venture company between Reed Exhibitions and Kuozhan Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Limited incorporated in 2015 as one of our nine most outstanding subsidiaries in China. The company has been staging a number of annual trade shows in Shenzhen, including the widely popular C-TOUCH& DISPLAY SHENZHEN, COMMECIAL DISPLAY, FILM & TAPE EXPO, ICE China, and FOAM & TAPE EXPO. In addition to presenting these exhibitions as one-stop specialised procurement platforms for industry professionals, over twenty other summit forum activities are also concu rently presented. These are organised with individual themes oriented toward introducing cutting-edge products and technology olutions to professional audience from home and abroad in fields covering touchscreen and display panel, consumer electronics, commercial display, automotive electronics, pharmaceuticals-and domestic chemical products, smart home, industry control, printing and packaging, labelling and so forth. We are dedicated to proactively promoting burgeoning development for the smart touch and new display industry in China and the rest of the world.