Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibitor Comments


Jiangsu Jinghua New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Facing the successful development of the industry following the ‘14th Five-year Plan’, film tape, as a pillar material of the electronics industry, matches our company’s future development trend. Mow we are painting the development blueprint of the film tape industry from a global perspective. We will gain more business opportunities and launch more products that meet development trend’s demands through our better understanding of the latest industrial development. We displayed our company’s cutting-edge materials and technologies in the product industry during the exhibition, and we wish for FILM & TAPE EXPO continued success.


Tianjin Wanhua Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Wanhua Co. Ltd. has participated in the FLM & TAPE EXPO many times. We have different benefits and surprises from our independent and joint participation with various subsidiaries. Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition has become an indispensable communication platform for our company We can showcase our products, better understand customers' needs, and exchange information with upstream and downstream enterprises. As an exhibitor, we are delighted with this exhibition.



As a manufacturer in the film and adhesive industry, we take advantage of this platform every year to show our new products, new technologies, and new applications to our friends in the industry supply chain and strengthen our understanding of the markets and customers’ demands, to make sure our products can better meet customers’ expectation. I want to express gratitude towards the organiser for providing us with the opportunity to have an in-person talk with customers.



As a senior exhibitor of the FlLM & TAPE EXPO, AMCOR has always regarded it as a valuable platform for communication with customers and peers. Every exhibition has brought us a lot of benefits. We feel so honored to show our products to the public on such a professional stage, and hope the exhibition will continue to improve!


Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Beiren has participated in FlLM & TAPE EXPO. As a long-term exhibitor, we meet past customers, get to know new customers at the exhibition every year and have gained a significant amount. Thanks to the organizer for providing the platform for communication and discussion. I hope that the show will expand more in the future.