Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center
Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


Six Reasons to Exhibit


16 years of professional exhibition in the field of film tapes and die-cutting, with eight exhibitions in the same period, sharing resources and seamlessly connecting with the upper and lower industry chain


120,000+ professional buyers gather on site, providing a face-to-face trade exchange platform for companies to promote new products, build brand image, and reach new customers.


Precisely covers target audiences from functional films and adhesives to end-use applications, including touchscreens, display panels, original mobile phone manufacturers, die-cutting processing, printing and packaging, automotive, home appliances, electronic components, lithium batteries, flexible circuit boards, semiconductors, plastic packaging, medical, labels and other fields to explore new business opportunities


Provide exhibitors with 1V1 online and offline business matching services covering the entire exhibition cycle, helping companies to meet new customers and close deals directly


Online and offline publicity channels, 365-day marketing plan to help companies build brand communication power and improve industry


50+ high-end summits and industry events to gain insight into market trends and grasp the new direction of industry development with a multi-dimensional perspective

I want to exhibit!

Exhibitor Testimonials

Yi Zhiquan CEO, Jiangxi Taichen New Material Co.

As a member of the coating industry and one of the exhibitors, we express our heartfelt respect for the large-scale industry event organized by the organizer. We sincerely wish the organizer to continue to expand and get better and better in the future, and to build a platform for exhibitors and visitors to share and match new information and products to promote the stronger development of the industry and industry!

Jiang Zhihua General Manager

As a manufacturer in the film and adhesive industry, we take this platform every year to show our new products, new technologies and new applications to our friends in the industry supply chain, to strengthen our understanding of the market and customers' needs, and to make our products better meet customers' needs. We thank the organiser for providing us with the opportunity to discuss with customers face-to-face.

Li Yinfeng, General Manager of Shaanxi Beiren Coating Equipment Division

As a veteran exhibitor, we meet our old customers and make new ones at the show every year, and we are full of rewards.

Zhao Fu General Manager of Tianjin Wanhua Co.

Ltd. has participated in the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition for many times, from our own participation to joint participation with various subsidiaries, each time we have different harvest and different surprises. Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition has become an indispensable platform for us to communicate and interact with each other, to showcase our products, to understand our customers' needs and to exchange information with the upstream and downstream. As an exhibitor, we are very satisfied with this exhibition.

Wang Yuechao General Manager of South China Region, Shandong Huazhi Automation Technology Co.

We have participated in the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition for many years, and every time we attend, we have gained a lot of new things and met many excellent suppliers and customers from upstream and downstream. The positioning and classification of the exhibition are very suitable for Huazi, and we hope to have more and better cooperation and communication in the future.

Zhang Zhenhao, Commercial Director, Films, Amko Group

As a veteran exhibitor at the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Show, Amko Group has always regarded it as a valuable platform to communicate with our customers and peers. Every time we exhibit at the show, we get a lot out of it. Amko is proud to present our products to the public in such a professional arena and wishes Amko the best of luck for the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Fair!

Mr. Li Sinews Technology (Changzhou) Co.

As an old friend of the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition, we have met with important domestic and international partners in the upstream and downstream film and touch display industry at the exhibition this year.

Liu Yinghui General Manager, Business Department, Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Electromechanical Equipment Co.

Since 2011, Xi'an Aisino Huayang has been participating in Shenzhen Film & Tape for nearly ten years, and our sales of precision coating equipment have been increasing year on year. The exhibition has built a platform for the whole industry to exchange the latest technology and we will continue to use Shenzhen Film & Tape Show as the best platform to showcase our precision coating equipment for promotion.