Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


FILM & TAPE EXPO integrates the global industrial resources of film and tapes and offers a one-stop showcase of cutting-edge products and technologies along the entire industry chain to promote efficient connections between upstream and downstream enterprises, identify potential business opportunities, and foster sustainable development of industry.

Scale of FILM & TAPE EXPO 2024


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*The above is the estimated total scale of the concurrent exhibitions.

Exhibition Highlights


A look at Industrial Integration

The exhibition reveals cutting-edge products, innovative technologies and cutting-edge research in the functional film and tape industry, allowing you to explore new materials, new tracks and new directions in one stop.

Advanced Technology Exchange

New energy materials, lithium film, skin film, car film, 5G new materials, flexible materials, OCA, PI, optical film and other high-tech products.

Mastery of Innovative Technology

Coating die cutting industry professional training courses are set up, combined with the offline die cutting technology communication exhibition area for the industry to create a mutual exchange platform.

Experiencing the Diversity Zone

Our exhibition focuses on the latest technological advances in the industry and meet the one-stop purchasing, technology exchange and business expansion needs of enterprises.

Industry Contacts Expansion

Functional film and tape academic, industrial, terminal application experts gathered to create a "Die Cutting Engineer Club", to help industry people efficiently expand contacts, quickly build a trade bridge, eventually reach business cooperation.

Exploring the Industry's Blue Ocean

The 50+ Cutting-edge Summit focuses on the innovative development of functional film and tape, 5G new materials, consumer electronics adhesive, die-cut coating, new energy applications, packaging film, foam materials and other hot topics.

Top 10 applications Observation

The exhibition focuses on the display of functional film and tape in touch display, printing, packaging, labeling, daily chemical, plastic packaging, construction, decoration, e-commerce, logistics and other industry applications of the core technology, manufacturing equipment .

One-stop Exhibition

The exhibition covers new display and smart touch control manufacturing, automotive electronic technology, consumer electronics terminal product manufacturing related materials and intelligent manufacturing solutions and other sections, to help enterprises and the industry upstream and downstream business negotiations, commercial cooperation.

Concurrent Events

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