Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Introduction

As a business platform focusing on high-performance materials, HIGHLY-FUNCTIONAL MATERIAL EXPO concentrates on displaying products and technologies such as bonding materials, thermal management materials, lightweight materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, surface treatment materials, etc., and is committed to providing global high-performance materials enterprises with opportunities for technological exchanges and business cooperation, promoting industrial integration, innovation and high-quality development, and leading a new green life.

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Why To Exhibit

Encounter leading target customers in high value add industry enterprises like 3C consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, mobile communications and more amongst exhibits of the latest highly-functional material technologies and innovative applications; includes more than 100 business matching sessions and the creation of an exclusive "Reception Room"

Meet with 1,000 specially invited global VIP delegations from 67 countries and regions (including Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia) as well as 20,000 professional buyers from the Chinese market to expand presence in the Chinese market and enhance overall brand awareness

Acquire information about decision makers of high-value add top-tier industry enterprise customers, as well as interact and communicate with them; gain a full understanding of new product layout direction and new competitive pathways

Enter China's high value add industry enterprise leading customer R&D center and communicate face-to-face with R&D technical experts; achieve technical cooperation and expand business value

Link efficiently on and offline 365 days a year with high value add industry enterprise target customers; obtain timely insights into potential customers and their needs and promote overall business growth

Understand China’s investment opportunities, industry standards, sustainable development practices and environmental protection concepts from a comprehensive, one-stop platform

Exhibit Profile

Bonding Materials

·         Sealant

·         Silicone, Adhesive

·         Adhesive Tapes

·         Hot Melt Adhesives


Thermal Management Materials

·         Thermally Conductive Fillers

·         Electronic Packaging Materials

·         Thermal Interface Materials

·         Ceramic Substrates

·         Thermally Conductive Polymers

·         Thermally Conductive Components


Lightweight Materials

·         Carbon Fibre Materials

·         Composite Materials

·         High Strength Steel

·         Magnesium Alloys

·         Aluminium Alloys

·         Engineering Plastics


Electromagnetic Shielding Materials

·         Wave-absorbing materials

·         EMI Metal Shielding Devices

·         Conductive Fabric Liner

·         Conductive Shielding Tapes

·         Conductive Elastomer Liners

·         Conductive Silicone

·         Carbon Brazing

·         Metallic Materials


Surface Treatment Materials

·         Coatings

·         Inks

·         Polishing Fluids

·         Nano-coating Materials

·         Plating Materials

·         Etching Materials

·         Anti-corrosion Materials

·         Electrostatic Dust Removal Materials


Specialized, Pre-exhibition Marketing Activities

Industry Chain Online Matching Day/Specialized Matchmaking Event

The Industry Chain Online Matching Day Specialized Matchmaking Event assists companies in efficiently joining up with high value-add enterprise target customers on and offline 365 days a year

Terminal application enterprise R&D center visits and exchange activities

Throughout the year, the organizer will host multiple industry terminal technology center activities, providing face-to-face technical exchanges with R&D leaders of high value-add enterprise target customers.

Exhibition Customized Marketing Mix Program

Market technology seminars inspire innovation and offer the chance to meet with technical experts and downstream buyers

Business networking dinner to establish connections with application-side decision-makers

Highly-Functional Material Industry Annual Awards Ceremony – Enterprise Showcase

Conference for market-facing new product technology launches with comprehensive channel promotion

Market insights and industry technology research reports look at industry trends and popular applications

Highly-Functional Material Industry Segmentation Roundtable Forum provide in-depth analysis of development prospects

Online and offline precision marketing experts provide 365-day considerate support services

Terminal-themed Pavilion categorically displays innovative industry products and technologies

Year-round Industrial chain Procurement/Technology Exchange Meeting – efficiently meet with target technology R&D experts

Concurrent Exhibition

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