Nov.6th-8th, 2024
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center
Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

2023 Shenzhen International Adhesive Tape Exhibition

Exhibition Introduction

The Shenzhen International Adhesive Tape Exhibition (IATE) is a professional trade platform focusing on adhesive tapes, master roll accessories and equipment for film, paper, cloth, foam, metal foil, composite materials and other substrates. The exhibition is dedicated to building a "global professional adhesive tape business gathering place". 30,000 buyers from packaging and logistics, automotive industry, hardware and building materials, white goods, electrical and electric, postal and express delivery, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, office and stationery, electronics manufacturing and other industries are expected to visit the exhibition in 2022. It is an annual event for enterprises to reach cooperation and trade, introduce innovative products, expand network resources, enhance brand image and understand the development of the industry.

Why choose IATE?

  • Access to first-hand sourcing needs
    A large-scale trade platform for the whole industry chain of adhesive tapes, with a large number of orders released on site.

  • TAP Invited Buyer Service
    Targeting the sourcing needs of core customers and helping exhibitors to make business matches.

  • TAP Alliance Programme
    Integrating online and offline marketing channels, through video promotion, WeChat promotion, live streaming and enterprise interviews, to help enterprises improve brand exposure and expand existing sales.

  • Special Display Zone
    Focusing on green adhesive products and solutions from the viewpoint of the audience, the exhibition will create a special exhibition area that is more in line with current affairs and close to the needs of the audience, attracting more precise professional buyers with higher quality and purchasing power.

  • Concurrent Conferences and Exhibitions
    A number of summit forums will gather thousands of experts and brand terminals in the adhesive tape industry to learn about new market trends and policies and to build a professional exchange social circle.

  • Synergy effect of multiple concurrent exhibitions
    IATE 2021 and 2021 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition, 2021 Flexible Coil Processing Technology & Equipment Exhibition, 2021 Shenzhen International Touch & Display Exhibition and 2021 Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition will blossom together to achieve a great integration of the industry chain, from which you will get more potential customers and directly contact more buyers with the final purchasing decision.

Scope of Exhibits

◆ Adhesive Tapes

  • Box Sealing Tapes
  • PVC electrical tape
  • Industrial tapes
  • Office tape
  • Biodegradable tape
  • Construction Tape
  • Medical Tape
  • Printed Tape
  • Wire Harness Tape
  • Hole plugging tape
  • Automotive tape
  • Electronic tape
  • High temperature tapes
  • Conductive tape
  • Shielding tapes
  • Speciality tapes etc.
  • BOPP tape
  • PET tape
  • Foam tapes
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Glass Fiber Tape
  • Melamine Tape
  • Kraft paper tape
  • Butyl tape
  • Teflon tape
  • Polyimide adhesive
  • Aluminium foil tapes
  • Tape master rolls, etc.

◆ Other

  • Release agents
  • Resins
  • Silica gel
  • Glue
  • Solvents
  • Waxes
  • Auxiliaries
  • Inks, etc.

◆ Adhesives

  • Water-based adhesives
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Hot-melt adhesives
  • Epoxy adhesives
  • Acrylate adhesives, etc.

◆ Substrates

  • Film
  • Paper-based
  • Cloth-based
  • Foam
  • Metal foil
  • Polyimide
  • Composite materials, etc.

◆ Precision coating machines

  • Slitting machines
  • Slitting machines
  • Winding machines
  • Laminators
  • Automatic cutting table
  • Cutting / Die-cutting machines
  • Laminating equipment
  • Winding equipment etc.
  • Corona treatment
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Coating and drying equipment
  • UV curing equipment
  • Cleaning and protection systems
  • Analysis and testing equipment, etc.

Exhibitor Comments

Wang Junxiang General Manager, Jiangsu Huaxuan Packaging Co.

We are very grateful to the organizers for their warm service and for welcoming so many high quality and professional guests, so that we have made many new friends. I hope the exhibition will be better and better!


Gao Qilong General Manager, Strategic Investment Department, Shanghai Jinghua Adhesive New Material Co.

Facing the challenges of the electronic tape and film market in 2020, our company participated in the Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition. With years of reputation in the adhesive industry and a more complete product line, our products were well received by the market and increased our visibility.


Du Yuxiang Deputy General Manager of Shandong Shuangyuan Sealing Technology Co.

Shandong Shuangyuan has participated in the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition for many years, and it has become an important promotion platform for our South China market. The latest glass fibre butyl tapes were on display and received a lot of attention from visitors. It was pleasing to see that the show maintained a high visitor flow despite the impact of the epidemic. The location and layout of the exhibition hall were also quite reasonable. We hope that next year's Shenzhen Film & Tape Show will be even better!


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