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Multi-exhibition synergy, cross-linking everything 2022 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition will start a feast

With China's economic development and industrial upgrading, high-performance adhesive new materials and functional film materials will open new opportunities. New adhesive and functional film materials have evolved from simple consumable products to today's new material system with functionalized and supporting materials as the core, and the products are widely used in electronics, cell phones, optoelectronics, communications, automobiles, packaging, medical, construction, new energy, aerospace, and other industries.

Multi-exhibit synergy to open a new industry future

The Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition is dedicated to integrating high-quality resources in the industry and creating a professional and leading platform to create a series of opportunities for exhibitors and industry chain-related enterprises to communicate, display, share, and cooperate. The Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition 2022 will take place from November 30 to December 2 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall), with the theme "Multi-exhibition Synergy, Cross-linking Everything." The 2022 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition, as well as its concurrent exhibitions, will showcase functional films, adhesive products, chemical raw materials, 5G innovative new materials, key film materials for new energy batteries, car clothing films, new display technologies, smart touch technologies, Mini/Micro LED technologies, AR/VR wearable electronic technologies, holographic technologies, smart cockpit and car displays, smart commercial displays, smart homes, and 5G technologies. This is to promote industry cross-border synergy and cooperation, drive new demand, trigger new scenarios, provide film tape, display touch, intelligent manufacturing, and many other fields of one-stop technology exchange and procurement experience.

Image source: 2021 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition

The exhibition will also collaborate with Stik, Shuangxing, Xiangyu, Lekai, Sanfangxiang, Heshun, Dongcai, Jinghua, Fuyin, Zhongxing, Rikao, Crown, Jinlibao, Jitiangyu, Liwang, Dinglisen, Silicon Treasure, Kaitian, Henkel, Saifu, Huanya, Amko, Yidu, Taichen, Eken, Coriell, Kaisheng, Yuehui, Fenghua, Taideshi, Aisino Huayang, Shaanxi Beiren, Dayang, Edelweiss, Kewei, Tourui, Allied, Newpad, Kejian, Javelin, and other industry leading companies. Over 3,000 enterprises, such as Tourui, Alliance, Newt, Lopai, Kejian, Jiewei, etc., will exchange and share the industry's leading cutting-edge products and technical solutions. At that time, the release of new products and technologies will become the biggest attraction, and the exchange and cooperation between industry chain enterprises will also become hot topics.

Eight exhibitions to promote the value of the industry chain to win together


Shenzhen International Touch and Display Exhibition

2022 Shenzhen International Touch and Display Exhibition will collaborate with BOE, Vision Source, Kangguan Group, Zhaohong Precision, SCG, Qibin Group, Amadon, Vogel Photoelectricity, Topmart Group, Rainbow Group, Rare Universe New Material, Zai Cheng Technology, Hanbo High-Tech, Novo Nano, Anhui Beco, Zhiling Weiye, Xinwu Photoelectricity, Fujian He Da, Feng Ardenne, Wuxi Pioneer, Kegel Precision Machine, ISRA VISION Instrument Systems, Dr. Shenk, Rui Dian Optical, Konica Minolta, Intervox Group, Henkel, Seiko Ink, and other over 3,000 industry-leading enterprises. More than 50 summits and elite summits will be held at the same time, targeting Mini/Micro LED technology, AR/VR wearable electronic technology, holographic technology, intelligent cockpit and car display, smart display, smart home, and other hot topics. The conference will be held at the same time to discuss hot topics such as Mini/Micro LED technology, AR/VR wearable electronic technology, holographic technology, intelligent cockpit and car display, smart display, smart home, etc., triggering industry brainstorms and leading industry development with a professional voice.

Image source: 2021 Shenzhen International Full Touch & Display Show



AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2022 focuses on hot topics related to intelligent vehicles, such as autonomous driving, telematics, intelligent cabins, and new energy, relying on the development needs of China's intelligent vehicle industry and sharing the international resources and influence of Automotive World Japan. This year's exhibition is expected to gather more than 3,000 well-known enterprises and brands from home and abroad to bring cutting-edge technologies and upstream and downstream demands from the automotive, chip, and component industries and other related enterprises, helping to exchange and interact with resources and cover a broader industrial market.

Image source: 2021 China Intelligent Networked Vehicle Industry Summit

AMTS & AHTE South China 2022

AMTS & AHTE South China 2022 will promote South China automotive (new energy) vehicle manufacturing, new energy battery, motor, electric control, intelligent vehicle (automotive electronics, autonomous driving, intelligent network connection, intelligent cockpit), electronics manufacturing (3C electronics, industrial control electronics), semiconductor and integrated circuit, medical device Home appliance, food/beverage/packaging, and other industry sectors automation upgrade, to help customers develop the South China market and explore new business opportunities. The overall exhibition scale reaches 120,000 square meters, gathering more than 3,000 exhibitors and brands, and is expected to attract more than 100,000 industry visitors.

Photo credit: AMTS 2021


NEPCON ASIA 2022 will bring together 1,200 exhibitors and brands with the innovative concept of "Crossover + Core + Smart Manufacturing" to showcase new domestic and international equipment and advanced technology solutions related to electronic components, PCBA processes, intelligent manufacturing, EMS services, and semiconductor packaging and testing. The exhibition will be linked with multiple exhibitions in the same period, bringing cross-border business opportunities in the fields of consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial control, communication, automotive, touch display, new energy, medical devices, optoelectronics, etc., and taking new vitality to the Asian electronics industry.

Image source: NEPCON ASIA 2021

In addition, more than 30 cross-border events will be held during the same period, covering PCBA process, semiconductor packaging, industrial robotics, intelligent storage and logistics, machine vision, smart factory, industrial Internet, laser, 3C, household appliances, communications, automotive, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, new energy, medical devices, lighting, and other hot topics, to create a diversified domestic and foreign business environment. The event will be a one-stop shop to capture Asia's cross-border business network.


Smart Factory and Automation Technology Exhibition

S-FACTORY EXPO 2022 will focus on intelligent manufacturing in electronics and industry and will hold several concurrent conferences and forums on topics such as intelligent storage, industrial robotics, machine vision, and the industrial Internet of Things, focusing on robotics, intelligent logistics, AGV, machine vision, and overall solutions for factory digitization. The famous enterprises and industry experts who have been committed to building and exploring intelligent factories in electronics and industrial manufacturing for many years will gather here to discuss the innovative technology applications in industrial control, industrial Internet, industrial vision, intelligent storage, and intelligent logistics in the new industrial era.

Image source: 2021 S-FACTORY EXPO



IC PACKAGING FAIR 2022 will provide a platform for business matching, industry exchange, and learning for the "semiconductor packaging + Mini LED industry", which is the highlight of the event. The conference will focus on SiP and advanced packaging, Mini LED chip and packaging solutions, compound semiconductor packaging, and other topics, inviting guests from research institutions, Mini LED backlight end-application manufacturers, as well as printing and solid crystal processes, and material manufacturers to share their insights on Mini LED manufacturing.

ES SHOW 2022

Shenzhen Electronic Components and Materials Sourcing Show

ES SHOW 2022 Shenzhen Electronic Components & Materials Sourcing Show will serve as a one-stop sourcing platform for all "electronic people" by showcasing electronic components and materials, electronic manufacturing equipment, smart factory and automation equipment, automotive electronics technology, and other integrated electronic manufacturing industry chain products and technology solutions. As the concurrent exhibition of the 2022 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition, the eight exhibitions will be united to create a super exhibition feast of 120,000 square meters for the electronics industry.

Photo credit: 2021 ES Show


Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition

COMMERCIAL DISPLAY 2022 is expected to attract more than 150 well-known companies and brands from the upstream and downstream of the commercial display industry chain and nearly 40,000 professional visitors, focusing on the display of conference and education all-in-one machine, Mini LED display, digital signage, e-paper, car display, advertising machine, commercial TV, and medical display. The exhibition will showcase new commercial display products and solutions, such as Micro LED displays, transparent screens, flexible screens, aerial imaging, etc.

Image source: 2021 Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition

Hundreds of boats are competing to advance together, and multiple exhibitions are linking together to create brilliance. Facing the new situation and new opportunities, the 2022 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Fair is ready to take off, and it will be with more than 3,000 strong exhibitors and over 100,000 professional visitors to build a new future for the film and tape industry. The show is not to be missed, and it will take off in Pengcheng. The 2022 Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition invites you to visit!

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