Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2022
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

5G, An Era for Films and Adhesives – Highlights of FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020

The FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020 is due to take place at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 19-21, 2020. The expo will have some new features this year, such as new concurrent events -- ICE China 2020 and IATE 2020 and new exhibition areas -- Coating & Die-cutting Equipment Zone, ICE Europe Zone, Japan-Korea High-Performance Film Zone, Die-Cutting Technical Innovation Zone, Chemical Raw Materials Zone, Functional Film Innovation Zone[t1] , etc. The exhibits cover the whole film & tape and coating & die-cutting industry chain, including functional film, optical film, protective film, release film, adhesive tape, polyester film, chemical raw materials, coating/laminating/compound devices, drying/UV equipment, controlling/debugging/testing device, slitter, due-cutting equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessory, processing equipment, exhaust gas/waste treatment equipment and relevant products and technologies. Visitor pre-registration is available now. We are here waiting for you!


01 Theme Exhibition Zones

  • 5G Film Materials Zone NEW

A successful commercial application of 5G comes from efficient materials. With the change of 5G components, the downstream applications in cellphone shells, antennas and FPC (flexible printed circuit) boards have started to evolve, bringing with it opportunities for the development of film-related materials. The 5G Film Materials Zone focuses on the key materials like cellphone shells, LCP film, MPI film, electromagnetic shielding film, release film for MLCC, non-conductive film (NCF) and PEN film.

  • Functional Film Innovation Zone NEW

With the development of film applications, film shaping equipment manufacturers start to focus on intelligence, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and high stability. The zone will display various functional films, such as plastic packaging material film, optical film, semi-conductor film, separating film, photovoltaic film, lithium battery membrane, aluminum-plastic film, water treatment film, paint protection film, window film, decorative film and clothing film.

  • Chemical Raw Materials Zone NEW

The supply and market trends of new chemical materials and raw materials have always been a major concern. The zone mainly displays polymer materials like epoxy resin, polyurethane and additive, fluorine materials, silicon materials & raw materials, nano materials, chemical materials and raw materials for vehicles, electronics, aeronautics and astronautics as well as adhesives and raw materials for civil and special use.

The Fluorosilicone Section is a new addition to the FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020. The 8th Shenzhen Fluorosilicone Industry Expo[t1]  will be held concurrently to boost industrial development.

  • Japan-Korea High-Performance Materials Zone NEW

With a focus on raw materials like high-performance films, plastics, metals, ceramics, viscose and coating as well as processing and manufacturing techniques, this zone mainly gathers high-performance and intermediate materials providers from Japan and South Korea working in optoelectronic display, cellphone, automobile, communication, intelligent wear and new energy.

We will work with Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) again this year to help enhance the ties between Chinese and Korean display manufacturers and build a bridge between the upstream material and equipment manufacturers and the downstream display-related enterprises.

  • ICE Europe Zone NEW

China’s converting industry, namely the paper, film & foil converting technology industry is expected to see constant growth. The machinery, system, material and accessory manufacturers of the paper, film & foil converting industry from Europe will be invited to explore the way for industrial development with you and make greater contributions to the growth of the converting industry in Asia.

  • Coating & Die-Cutting Equipment Zone

With the further development of intelligent, user-friendly, automatic and digital equipment, automation, intelligence and multi-functionality have become trends within the coating and die-cutting industry. The zone will demonstrate core equipment, materials, technologies and technical processes relating to coating, laminating, printing, slitting, rewinding and die-cutting. Based on automatic production lines, professional visitors can join discussions with manufacturers about the innovative solutions involving smart factories and market patterns, new materials, new technologies and new applications for the coating and die-cutting industry.

02 New Exhibitions

ICE China 2020, the world-renowned converting exhibition, will be held in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 19-21, 2020. As a sister event of the ICE Europe in China, the ICE China has been highly spoken of ever since it was first held in 2008, known for its precise positioning and the high-quality visitors and buyers. It now becomes a professional industry-leading converting exhibition in China. With experts and scholars from across the world’s leading flexible coiled material processing enterprises and research institutions, ICE China has been devoted to the research and development of processing technologies for functional films, tapes, labels, metal foil, non-woven fabrics and tapes, and provides effective solutions for various sectors (e.g. flexible package, electronic product, adhesive & tape, food & beverage, special printing, display screen, lithium battery, automobile and architecture), building a commercial platform for technical innovation and global market expansion.

To further promote the innovation and development of the fluorine and silicone industry, the China Association of Fluorine and Silicone Industry (CAFSI) decided to start strategic cooperation with Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan to hold the 8th China International Fluorine & Silicone Material Industry and Application Exhibition, providing the support of upstream materials and think tank for adhesive tape and adhesive industries. With the support of CAFSI, the expo is believed to bring more favorable opportunities for procurement promotion and trading. Meanwhile, the experts from CAFSI will also provide highly forward-looking industry research reports to visitors in its capacity as the expo think tank, to better boost industrial development. CAFSI and the 8th China International Fluorine & Silicone Material Industry and Application Exhibition will play an important role in the FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020 in the architecture, textile, optoelectronic display, automobile and other high-tech sectors.

IATE 2020 is an international adhesive tape procurement, exhibition and service platform for adhesive tapes, upstream device and raw materials market. It aims to provide one-stop adhesive-based solutions on electronics, automobile, medical treatment, packaging, home appliances and logistics for tens of thousands of professional visitors of printing, industrial control, electronic products, automobile manufacturing, identification, home appliance manufacturing, architectural ornament and e-commerce logistics from over 40 countries.

C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN, an annual and industry-leading event, is expected to attract nearly 1,000 exhibitors and brands to demonstrate their innovations and solutions for 40,000 visitors from the fields of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, commercial display, smart home, smart healthcare, industrial control, etc. The 3D Curved Class Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone and Industrial Vision & AI Technology Zone will set the trend of industrial development. Through exhibitions, forums and business recommendation and match-making, visitors will have close contact with cutting-edge products and technologies like touch display modules and display panels, and gain an insight of market trends from multiple perspectives, thus seeking more valuable opportunities of cooperation and enjoying one-stop procurement.

03 FILM & TAPE LIVE (Online Roadshow)

To promote the advanced technologies in the film & tape and die-cutting industry and serve the enterprises in need of booming “black technologies”, FILM & TAPE EXPO 2020 will work with well-known enterprises, exhibitors, media partners and universities & colleges to hold FILM & TAPE LIVE (Online Roadshow) to demonstrate the advanced technologies and products including die-cutting equipment, coating techniques, folding materials, 5G materials, high-end optical materials, lithium battery materials, flexible electronic materials for automotive foam, chemical raw materials and adhesive materials by means of technical presentation and speech, and to provide one-stop and complete solutions of the industry chain.

06 Benefits of Pre-registration


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In addition to the benefits above, the first 100 visitors completing pre-registration will be given a customized water bottle or a wireless charger each.

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