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TAP Diamond Club offers a trading platform meticulously for high-quality visitors with purchasing demand or plan from high-performance film, protective film, optical film and relevant equipment enterprises, and aims to connect you with senior management of our exhibitors. By this platform, you can access to the latest information on products and technologies in the touch screen manufacturing industry, talk face-to-face with target exhibitors, enjoy exclusive top-level services and make your visit a joyful and fruitful experience.

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Touch Panel Manufacturers,Flat Panel Display Manufacturers,Touch screen application enterprises.

Having the right to participate in the decision-making and suggestion of purchasing:Chairman,President,GM,Deputy GM,Division Manager,Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager,Production Manager,Manufacturing Supervisor,Facility Manager.

Messages from TAP Invited Guests


The ivvi group has made its fortune in communications industry for over 20 years, and has made great achievement (the highest prize in mobile phone industry: the second prize in National Award for Science and Technology Progress). Most of excellent enterprises from touch screen industry in South China have gathered here in the exhibition. We have found out the industrial new technologies and met ideal partners in the exhibition. We really appreciate the convenient service and business chances provided by the exhibition! We hope that it can be better and better!                                    


Huizhou Hopson Glass Co., Ltd.

This exhibition is a grand meeting for exchange of skills in touch control industry. As the supporting manufacturer in the industry, we attach great importance and value to this communication platform. Therefore, we will come to visit this once-a-year exhibition to learn. We can discover new technology and new point and be inspired from each exhibition. Thanks for the exhibition! Thanks for the organizer! And thanks for the considerate service provided by the TAP specialist! We hope that the exhibition will be better and see you next year!                                      


Holitech Technology Co., Ltd.

Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed high-tech enterprise. Our main business, the electronic touch panel and display (covering new flat display parts, touch screen, camera and other products), need many new materials and advanced production equipment to support the R&D design and production of products in the future. And this exhibition has provided a good platform for industry to communicate and exchange, which enables us to understand and catch the development trend of industrial products and technologies more comprehensively.We have benefit a lot from this exhibition. We would like to thank the TAP specialist for caring and considerate service. We hope that the exhibition will be better and better, and look forward to seeing you next year!                                   


Jiangxi Tianyi Photoelectricity Co., Ltd.

As an enterprise whose cores include the independent R&D and manufacturing of capacitive touch screen,Jiangxi Tianyi Photoelectricity Co., Ltd. is starved of this platform to understand the new technology and new development of industry. The exhibition will have new highlights in each year, which enables us to benefit a lot each year. We would like to thank the organizer of the exhibition and TAP group for quality service and professionalism of the exhibition. We hope that the exhibition will be better and better, promote the development and guide the way of the industry!                              


Dongguan Maichao Photoelectricity Co., Ltd.

have always regarded this exhibition as a platform to seek for suppliers with high quality. I have never been absent from the exhibition for four years, but it is the first time for me to enjoy the TAP service,which makes me be touched deeply and enables me to enjoy many convenient services. The service staff are passionate, have strong ideas about glass industry, and bring me to meet many merchants. I would like to thank the service staff and hope that the exhibition will be more influential, to promote the exchanges and guide the way of the industry!                               


Beijing ChinSky Technology Co., Ltd.

Thank the organizer for inviting so many excellent companies to display their new products and technologies,which is convenient for our purchase on site. With many new products and technologies available in this large platform, it is good for the product development of various companies. And thank the organizer for warm care before the exhibition and professional services on site, which let us feel the professionalism of the organizer. I wish that the exhibition can be better and better!                               


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