Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center


Welcome to RX’ New Normal
Shenzhen International Film & Tape Exhibition


Dear Valued Customers,

Reed Exhibitions released the third edition of Reed’s Global Health and Safety Strategy in the context of the New Epidemic – Exhibition Events in the New Normal in January 2022. This new edition adapts to the changes in the evolving epidemic, the latest research findings, and the new practices as the events industry gradually adapts and relaunches its businesses.

The health and safety of Reed’s exhibitors, visitors, staff, and partners are our number one priority. Reed’s Global Safety Show Strategy and Five-point Enhanced Health and Safety Plan will continue to be updated but the company will retain its focus on: collaboration and engagement, risk management, planning, communications, and safeguards.

China is now one of the countries in the world that has resumed hosting exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions will continue to work closely with the government epidemic prevention and public safety departments, venues, and partners to organise safe and compliant exhibitions in an orderly manner, in line with China’s epidemic prevention and control situation and policies. We will strictly implement our epidemic prevention policy and deploy epidemic prevention measures thoroughly, including but not limited to

a.     Regular daily disinfection of the venue and good ventilation

b.     Exhibitors and visitors will be required to register with a real name to allow tracking and contact, if necessary

c.     Health code checks on entry in accordance with the epidemiological regulations of the exhibition city

d.     Non-contact temperature checks at show entry

e.     Mask checks at show entry and in the exhibition halls

f.      Provision of disinfectant and spare masks at the registration counter and in the functional areas of the exhibition

g.     Management of the flow of people through the exhibition halls

h.     Communication to remind exhibitors and visitors to adopt social distancing and avoid contact interaction

i.       Advise exhibitors and visitors on good hygiene (washing of hands, sneezing with tissues, wearing masks correctly, etc.) via newsletters

j.       Refrain from people:

  • Who have spread or are infected with COVID-19
  • From high-risk countries/regions
  • With symptoms of COVID-19
  • Who are vulnerable to COVID-19

For more information on the latest information on the New Corona Outbreak, policies, and strategies for prevention, please refer to the following:

On behalf of Reed Exhibitions, I would like to invite you to return to Shenzhen International Film & Tape Show at the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center form Oct.11th--13th ,2023, and I look forward to seeing you again at the event in a familiar presence!

Finally, I urge you to remain patient and safe during the show, to respect the rights of others for their own safety and well-being, and to understand and cooperate with the anti-epidemic measures on site. I wish you all a very enjoyable and fruitful time exhibiting and visiting the Shenzhen International Film & Tape Show!


Aaron Ye 

Project Director

RX China